We at Sindhuneel Projects & Engg. LLP provide complete and comprehensive Project engineering services in the field of Process, Piping, Electrical, Fire Fighting, Civil & Structure, based on thorough investigations, analysis, design, economic consideration and functional requirements. The design/ detailing is thoroughly investigated and studied and special consideration is given to the existing code requirements. industry-970146_960_720

             The name SINDHUNEEL is an amalgam of two names viz. SINDHU (River Indus) and Neel (River Nile).  River SINDHU is associated with one of the oldest and grand civilisation whereas NEEL is known for her grand journey through the cultures of eleven countries satisfying their needs.

          We are all about nurturing the nature of the two rivers…….Firstly…carrying a culture connected to our roots and secondly….assimilating multicultural global standards.